Saul has achieved a lot.

Kathleen opened the front door and went inside.

I know Magnus isn't planning to be here tomorrow.

I have to find out where Ami went yesterday.

Stephan is upstairs resting.

I'm sure there will be a day when the world comes together as one.

I respect the mister's point of view.

They helped each other with homework.


Sigurd left without saying goodbye to me.

The best thing to do was to not talk any more about those events.

What do we want?

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I couldn't meet him at the station because my car ran out of gas.

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She's here to protect you.

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I think Rayan is introverted.


We set a trap to catch a fox.

You'll do nothing of the kind.

What did you mean by this sentence?

The sun comes and goes.

You have to come with us.


This is wild.

I was about to have dinner when she called me.

I want you to take me to her.

You didn't tell me you lived in my neighborhood.

Gordon fell from his crutches. Fortunately, Deb helped him to get up again.

What was served at the party?

Is it convenient for you if I come at 6 p.m.?


The program was programmed by programmers.

We're getting married next spring.

I'll let her explain.

Liz is already standing.

I'm thinking about leaving.

Ronald and Jeffie just don't seem to communicate very well.

He had a bit of a cold last night.

It's there now.

He's been feeling a little on edge recently.


He told me to be kind to others.

He has a car which I gave to him.

I think about it often.

The teacher treated all the students fairly.

Evan wanted to ask a question, so he raised his hand.

Herman has been away.

We gave them everything we had.

Don't talk about work at meal time.

We fail to grasp the meaning of the word.

The nurse handed Ofer some pills and he took them.

Lock the gate.

Do you know much about him?

Susan is two years older than I am.

They did not know it themselves.

That water tower holds a three-day supply.


It's possible that he came here when he was young.

Do you know how Root did it?

I don't like the way he speaks to me.


I want you to get the help that you need.

Ferrari is the only company that has raced every season of formula one since the series began in 1950.

The picture has been drawn well as yet.

Do you come here every night?

He was soon acclimated to his new job.

He does not have anyone to play with.

Kusum is now staying in Boston.

Sal mistook me for you.

Give Damon my regards.

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I sent her a doll.


Is there anything else you want from me?

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When it comes to staying young, a mind-lift beats a face-lift any day.

I'll put it somewhere safe.

Stay here a minute.

Rupert was also having fun.

The weather is really great!

Leslie studies after dinner.

Are you volunteering?

When will Nancy go to Boston?

They exchanged ideas before reaching a decision.


We can't allow Jimmy to leave.

I can't keep track of our family budget.

Hillary trusted him.


Randolph is a really nice man.


Let's build something.


Who owns that house?

I never meant to hurt her.

I'll show her the way.

Mathematics is like the logic of physics.

Anton accepts that what Srinivasan said was the truth.

I found the book very interesting.

They breastfeed their babies.

Shyam is up next.

You need to stay there.

Sachiko is more popular than Judy.

That sounds really great.

The spider web glistened in the morning dew.

I think Laurianne was only bluffing.

Uncle Bob invited us to have dinner.

He asked our pardon for making a mistake.

He was discovered unconscious on the floor of the kitchen.

Sonja told me about this place.

He is very strong--so much so that no one can defeat him.

I stay with you.


There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence.


Hwa is more intelligent than me.

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I didn't think too much about it.

Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

I think I can complete the project by Monday afternoon.

A grounding-type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong.

We're newlyweds.

It has a value all its own.

I'd never do that for him.


I can't write in Arabic. I don't have an Arabic keyboard.

Princess Alice of Greece was deaf and could lip-read in three languages.

Governments usually resort to price control when inflation has reached a certain level.

We'll begin tomorrow morning.

Would you please look after the children?

This new schedule gives us a lot more free time.

The ballerinas wore tights, tutus and ballet slippers.


This place was sanctified.

Maybe you should go check up on Merat.

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.


Yesterday I played tennis for the first time.

He invited me to dinner.

Playing cards is fun.


It's probably just food poisoning.

It was yesterday morning that I saw Mr Carter.

Why aren't you eating your vegetables?


This is the age of information, and computers are playing an increasingly important role in our everyday life.


This container is completely watertight.

Albert used to work at the same place that I do now.

In the discussion the accent was on unemployment.


Nobody there knew him well.


I am easily affected by cold weather.

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We have given your order highest priority.

This isn't a competition.

It all started with a boy named Teriann.

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Are you sure you're going to be OK?

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I really have nothing else to say.

I've been here nearly three months now.

You should bookmark this webpage.

I thought we could catch up a little.

We know what this means to Vernon.

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The documents have yellowed with age.


We went by way of Taiwan.

I don't need any, thanks.

All the lights in the building have gone out.

There were few colleges to educate women.

She felt no shame at having said what she did.

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It was raining so hard that we had to put off our departure.

I'm playing with my friends.

Finish off your plate before going out.

Write your name in pencil.

Occupational stability is of great concern to recently graduated students.


When Torsten gets here, give me a call.

The experiment failed.

Have you ever ironed your clothes by yourself?

I never said that he was righteous.

Leaves grow on branches.

Find out what kind of a person he is.

I caught a cold. That is why I could not attend the meeting yesterday.

It is impossible for me to finish this work in a day.

How long have you had this?

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You will be in time for school if you leave at once.

She was run over by a car.

I thought Dorothy would walk you to the elevator.


I've kept a blog before. I didn't really have a set theme; I just blogged about whatever happened that day.

I'll look up the expression in the dictionary.

This material has a rough texture.